Weddings Are A Celebration & So Should Be The Planning Process!

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Welcome to our blog! We at Elegance Decor are super excited to get to connect with you through this blog! We can't wait to share tips, trends, tricks, thoughts, pictures, videos, ideas, and all other things needed for an elegant affair! My name is Swetal Patel and I am the CEO and co-owner of Elegance Décor! I started this venture along with my best friend, Bhavik, & his older brother, Ronak...

As our company grew so did our relationships! My best friend is now my brother in law and his brother is my husband! We started this company based on our love & passion for design and our goal is to convey that through each of our events. Little did we knew when the 3 of us were working on our first event that we will one day have an amazing team of people just as passionate as us! We hope that you follow our blog to find resourceful information for special events... Or at least it will be able to become your regular read while you're sipping on your morning coffee.. Weddings are a celebration, so we make sure we have fun with you as we plan for your big day!



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