Oh My God! I did not COPY her wedding!

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Here is a situation many of our brides dread…Either they love similar things that they saw at a friend’s or relative’s wedding but do not want them to think she copied them or a friend or a relative is trying to steal their ideas for their own wedding.  The fear of copying or being copied keeps them from truly creating a design that they love and wasting energy over something very miniscule. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If you feel someone has copied your ideas take that as a compliment and feel happy about it!  I love it when I show the décor from my wedding and brides get inspired by the design and want to incorporate it into their décor. It truly makes me happy!   On the other hand, the biggest fear most of our brides have is them using similar elements that their sister, cousin, or friend had at their wedding.  Here it is very important to consider that the design is in the details.  Just because you use the same color palette doesn’t mean your wedding will look the same.  Just because your cousin used a fabric mandap doesn’t mean that yours cannot look completely unique.  The trick is to incorporate the elements you like and then have your designer create a unique look for you.   I remember a bride telling me she really wanted a S’mores Bar at her wedding but her friend’s wedding was before hers and she took that idea.  Now think about being a guest at both of these weddings.  Would you really care if you got a chance to eat S’mores again?!?!   I know I wouldn’t complain!  There are reasons for certain things being traditions in wedding. It's because they were amazing ideas at one point that had to continue..  

At the end of the day weddings are not a competition to be the most unique party you have ever thrown.  They are a day that represents your love for each other and an occasion to share with all the people that you care for.   From my years of experience, I think the happiest brides are the ones that can look beyond these types of diversions and embrace the true meaning of the day that signifies the new phase of their life.