It’s a Once In A Lifetime Thing, But It Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful!

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Yes, I am talking about weddings!  When starting wedding planning, there is always a tremendous amount of pressure that we create for ourselves.  You want everything to be perfect!  After all, you are only planning on getting married once.  Yes, I know it is not what always happens, but at least that’s what the plan is.  Now that this BIG event is taking place just once, I must choose all the things that are the BEST! That “best” is the start of stress for most brides and grooms to be.  I wanted to write about this as this is something I can relate to as I was planning my wedding 5 years back.  Luckily, I quickly learned that the more important thing was that I made choices that I was happy with and stuck to them and did not continue to search for something better.  There are a million things that have to get done before the big day and being indecisive can only add to your stress.  I am proud to say that Ronak  (my husband) and I were pretty good at decision-making.  We did our research on vendors through web or referrals and met with 1-2 vendors in each category, and were able to decide if they would match our personality and provide our vision for the day.  Our dream list of what we wanted in the wedding was big, but we were also honest with our time, budget, and resources to quickly make cuts where needed to continue to be stress free as we planned for our big day.  However, there are certain things that I look back to and laugh about today.  I remember we had not made our programs and we had 2 days until our wedding festivities started.  I was adamant on how I wanted  three gems stuck on each program for embellishment instead of one gem that my husband had suggested to save time.   My cousin and I stayed up all night making these, but I don’t think anyone would have thought they were any less pretty if there was one gem on them!  Yes, all of us have those “bridezilla” moments!  The reason I wanted to write about this topic is that as I meet many brides through our business, I have observed that the happiest couples are the ones that don’t get stuck on little details if time/budget doesn’t allow them.  A lot of times I see our couples having this realization a couple months or a month before their big day as things start to pile up at the end.  I think starting off wedding planning knowing that letting go of little things will not make any difference on how your guest perceive your wedding and even your happiness on the day of can really help you stay stress free through the long process of wedding planning.  After all, weddings are a celebration and so should be the planning process!  Don't forget to check out my "3 gem" program sitting on the chair in the picture below :) Wedding Program